Alliant Capital Management is a professional, third-party debt collection agency that works with creditors to collect outstanding consumer credit accounts. Our team works hard to find amicable solutions for balances due as the intermediary between our clients and delinquent account holders. To learn more about the frequently asked questions about Alliant Capital Management, we invite you to watch our latest YouTube video. 

Making Payments With Alliant

Alliant Capital Management works personally with each consumer to explore payment options that fit their financial situation. We make it easier for consumers to resolve outstanding financial obligations through a range of options for making payments on their accounts. Our convenient payment options include Alliant’s secure online payment portal, over-the-phone at 877-957-8122 with representative assistance, or by mail. 

All online and over-the-phone payments can be made with a debit card or a check. When mailing the Alliant Capital Management office, be sure to only include a check or money order with your account information secure in the envelope. Please do not mail cash. The Alliant Capital Management team looks forward to helping each consumer resolve their account by setting up a personalized payment plan. 

Reaching Out For Further Information

Our friendly and respectful representatives are available to assist clients and consumers Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time at 877-957-8122. Our team can assist with making a payment, discussing payment plan options, and providing answers to all questions. The Alliant team is also available via email at [email protected]

For those who may have questions regarding the status of their account or with questions about why Alliant Capital Management has appeared on their credit reports, please visit Alliant’s Contact page on our website for the most up-to-date information on how to best reach our team with any further questions. 

Rewarding Careers

Interested in joining the diverse and growing Alliant Capital Management team? Transition to a career path with rewarding opportunities. Alliant helps create better futures for our consumers while providing opportunities for hard-working and goal-oriented professionals. If you live in the Buffalo, NY, or Chandler, AZ areas, Alliant Capital Management looks for professionals who are committed to treating consumers with respect and doing business in an ethical manner. 

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About Alliant Capital Management

Located in Buffalo, NY and Chandler, AZ, Alliant Capital Management is a professional debt collection company that provides recovery services for creditors. We have decades of experience in delivering compliant and affordable debt collection services. We are committed to delivering innovative, effective, and affordable solutions for our clients while providing the best possible experience for consumers.