Alliant Capital Management is here to help consumers. We provide financial literacy resources and other useful tools to help consumers resolve outstanding accounts and achieve financial goals.


The Alliant Capital team cares about consumers. We understand that the debt resolution process can be stressful for account holders. We also recognize that most consumers want to resolve their accounts and build healthy financial habits. Our consumer resources provide information on managing finances and insight into the credit lifecycle that can lead to financial wellness.

As part of our commitment to consumers, we provide this list of reputable consumer resources from respected organizations. These financial literacy tools can help provide perspective for consumers that enables them to better understand financial options and make sound financial decisions.

Payment Options

Alliant Capital Management offers consumers a variety of convenient options for making payments on their accounts. Consumers can make payments online though our secure payment portal, over-the-phone with representative assistance, or by mail. We invite consumers to contact our office to discuss payment plan options and payment arrangements for resolving outstanding accounts. We work together with consumers to find amicable solutions and provide flexible payment options to help them resolve past due accounts.


Financial Literacy.Rocks

Financialliteracy.ROCKS is a free financial literacy resource provided by Receivables Management Association International provides financial tools and information to educate consumers and guide them in making sound financial decisions. Research a variety of financial topics like budgeting, credit cards, loans, and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each product or service.


Know My Debt is a consumer education website delivering information about understanding your rights, navigating your debt, and planning for your financial future. Know My Debt was created as an advocacy and education project by the members of ACA International, also referred to as the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.



The Financial Literacy and Education Commission helps consumers make better decisions while managing their finances. This educational resource reviews the 5 principles of money management, Earn, Save & Invest, Protect, Spend, and Borrow. is a government resource that educates consumers on the 5 principles of money management to help them make better decisions while managing finances.


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