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Alliant Capital Management is a professional collection agency providing affordable and compliant recovery solutions for creditors across the country. On behalf of our clients, we contact consumers to successfully and respectfully handle outstanding accounts while providing a positive experience throughout the recovery process.



Alliant Capital Management is a professional third-party debt collection agency service that resolves outstanding consumer accounts for creditors. We understand our role as the intermediary between our clients and delinquent account holders. Our team strives to amicably resolve accounts and create success for both parties through respectful and clear communication.

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About Alliant Capital Management LLC

Our experienced team of professionals understands the highly complex debt collection environment. We provide services that assist creditors with recovering delinquent account balances with minimum risk.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Alliant Capital Management understands that debt can be stressful. We recognize that consumers have questions about whether or not we are a legitimate debt collection agency, how to set up a payment plan, and more. We strive to provide the highest quality customer service for our clients and consumers. As part of this commitment to excellence, we provide answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question in the FAQ below, please contact our office by calling 1-877-957-8122. Our team is happy to assist you.

Does Alliant Capital Management Report to Credit Bureaus?2021-09-22T13:12:19-04:00

Yes, Alliant Capital Management may report the status of our accounts, and as such we may appear on your credit report. If you see Alliant Capital Management on your credit report, contact us for more information.

Who Is Alliant Capital Management?2021-04-25T07:23:32-04:00

Alliant Capital Management is a legitimate, professional, third-party debt collection agency that works with creditors to collect outstanding consumer credit accounts. We are the intermediary between our clients and delinquent account holders; our team works hard to find amicable solutions for balances due. We are committed to compliance and adhere to applicable rules, laws, and regulations while providing our consumers with the best possible experience. To learn more about us, please connect with Alliant on LinkedIn.

I have questions about my account. Who Should I Call?2021-04-25T07:24:50-04:00

To speak with a member of the Alliant Capital Management team, please call us at 1-877-957-8122. Our team is available to assist you and answer your questions Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern Time. Our friendly and respectful representatives can assist you with making a payment, discussing payment plan options, and providing answers to your questions. You can also email us any time at and a member of our team will reply during business hours.

Will Alliant Capital work with me to set up a payment plan?2021-04-25T07:25:32-04:00

Yes, Alliant Capital Management works personally with each consumer to explore payment options that fit each consumer’s financial situation and lead to the resolution of the debt. For more information about our payment plans or to discuss your payment options, please call a member of our team at 1-877-957-8122. We look forward to helping you.

What methods of payment can I use to make a payment?2021-04-25T07:26:29-04:00

Alliant Capital Management offers a mix of payment options. To help consumers resolve financial obligations, we offer three methods of payment: online, over-the-phone, and by mail.

Online payments can be made using either a debit card or a check. To access our secure payment portal, please have your email address or reference number ready and visit If you have not received a reference number, please call us at 877-957-8122 for more information.

To make a payment by phone using your debit card or check, please call us at 877-957-8122. Our representatives are available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm to help you with making a payment or discussing your payment plan options.

We accept payments by mail in the form of checks or money order. Please do not mail cash. Be sure to include your account number and mail your payment to our office at:

Alliant Capital Management LLC
210 John Glenn Dr.
Suite 10
Amherst, NY 14228

For more information on making a payment with Alliant Capital, please visit our YouTube channel.

Is Alliant Capital Management hiring?2021-09-22T13:16:35-04:00

If you live in the Buffalo, NY or Chandler, AZ areas, Alliant Capital Management offers exciting and rewarding careers in the collections industry. We are looking for professionals who are committed to treating consumers with respect and doing business in an ethical manner. If you are interested in applying, you can find us on Indeed.

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