Alliant Capital Management provides professional debt collection solutions for our clients. Our experienced team provides the perfect balance of performance and compliance that delivers results.


Alliant Capital Ltd. is a professional debt collection agency focused on providing our creditor clients with affordable, industry-leading account recovery solutions. Our experienced team provides the best possible experience for consumers while working to resolve outstanding accounts.

Non-Performing Account Management

Our company is experienced in assisting creditors with managing delinquent and non-performing accounts. By working with our professional collection agency, creditors can focus efforts on performing client relationships and strengthening core business initiatives while we recover past-due funds.


Installment Loans

Credit Cards


Compliance Focused

Alliant understands the increasingly complex debt collection environment and helps our clients successfully navigate the challenges associated with collecting outstanding consumer debts. Our team of professional representatives must complete detailed training prior to speaking with consumers, and we continue to provide periodic education and testing to further develop employees’ knowledge and ensure compliance with regulatory changes and updates to client requirements.

  • Detailed policies and procedures for operations and security.

  • Accountability is built into our corporate culture.

  • Complaint management procedures are customized for each client.

  • State of the art technology tools for compliance management.

SSAE Certified


Alliant Capital Management has earned SSAE18 SOC1 certification. To earn and maintain this certification, we undergo an annual third-party audit annually to validate the policies, procedures, and controls used to operate our business. We undertake this process as part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients and a positive experience for our consumers.