Update November 2021 – Alliant Capital Management’s innovative payment portal launched almost two years ago and since then, a lot has changed at ACM. While consumers can still visit our payment portal and build a unique payment plan that suits their needs, Alliant moved offices and updated our physical mailing address. In December 2020, Alliant moved to Buffalo, NY, and updated our address to 1965 Sheridan Dr. Suite 100 Buffalo, NY 14223. Visit our payments page for more info!

December 2019 – Alliant Capital Management, a professional debt collection company specializing in compliant and affordable debt collection services, announces enhanced payment capabilities through our online payment portal!

Convenient Payments

Alliant’s online payment portal is a simpler and faster way to make a payment. Consumers can easily access the payment portal from anywhere at any time. It is optimized for ease of use from any device– desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. We understand that consumer preferences change as technology evolves, and we are striving to meet the demands of our consumers. Consumers can view an account balance, make a payment, and set up future payments, all with just a few clicks. Payments made through the Alliant payment portal are fast and efficient, providing an easy and secure payment solution that fits consumers’ digital lives.

Comprehensive Access

In today’s digital age, consumers demand comprehensive account access. With updated account information available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Alliant Capital delivers consumers easy, secure, and round-the-clock account access. Data security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us and our consumers. Our online payment option gives consumers the security they need and the privacy they expect.

Enhanced Features

We’ve streamlined our payment process to include the ability to view multiple accounts from a single login. It’s our goal to deliver the highest-quality services to our consumers and a better bill pay experience is part of the success that Alliant helps to create. With our online payment option, it’s easier than ever to see multiple accounts, resolve balances, and make payments.

Looking Ahead

Alliant Capital never stops innovating. In the future, consumers can expect our payment portal to include additional features. Soon, consumers will be able to view account documents, send and receive secure account messages, sign up for email and text message alerts, and update contact information.

For online access to your account, please visit alliantcapital.easywebdocs.com. Or to make a payment with Alliant Capital Management, simply visit alliantcapital.net/payments and choose the payment option that’s right for you.

If you have questions about how to gain online access to your account or have questions about our new online payment portal, please visit our FAQ page.

About Alliant Capital Management

Alliant Capital Management is a professional debt collection company that provides recovery services for creditors. We have decades of experience in delivering compliant and affordable debt collection services. As members of both Receivables Management Association International, RMAI, and ACA International, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for consumers. Alliant Capital Management is located in Amherst, NY.